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Bots (Soon)

This feature allows to configure Bots that will automatically create a Jira issue based on a selected trigger.

Currently the supported trigger is You can set the chosen pre-set Form to automatically create the Jira issue using the HelpDesk ticket details every time the ticket is tagged with a chosen tag.

Bots section with no bots

New bots can be created by clicking the + New Automation button. You can also Edit and Delete the existing ones.

Bot creation screen

The triggering tag name and the Form can be chosen from the dropdowns. Clicking Save will add the newly set bot and activate it. Bots can be also deactivated by clicking the toggle button next to them.

Saving the configuration will automatically perform the following process:

  1. Verify if our HelpDesk license has webhooks enabled
  2. Enable webhooks on our license if needed
  3. Register a new webhook for the bot we have just created

Voilà! Your bot is now happily waiting for configured trigger.