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Forms - Create integrated forms

This is the most important section of the whole integration where the magic takes place. It allows you to connect chosen fields from your Issue Type.

Empty Forms List

To prepare a new connected form click Add Form. Next step is to name your form and choose the Jira Project from the dropdown along with the Jira Issue.

Each of your Jira issue fields can be automatically pre-populated with chosen HelpDesk values from tickets.

NOTE: ❗ The following Jira Fields are not supported for now: Linked Issues and Attachments field. The attachments from the HelpDesk ticket can be forwarded as the dynamic Attachments value as direct URLs. ❗

The field may always contain some given static value (always the same) or automatically be populated with the dynamic value from the ticket. To change the value type from Static to dynamic click the toggle button.


In the case of the dynamic value type, you can open the dropdown to choose what HelpDesk data from the ticket will be automatically put in the field.

The available ticket values are:

  • Subject
  • Ticket ID
  • Requester email
  • Requester name
  • Agent
  • Team
  • Creation time
  • Status
  • Priority
  • People in the loop
  • Followers
  • Custom fields - listed as "Custom field name (custom field)"
  • Attachments

Other than HelpDesk ticket details, the additional value can be set for your Jira field. It is the AI Summary. It can be generated at the Create section using our AI implementation and put direclty into the connected field. The required Jira fields are marked with the star sign "*".

The Dynamic values can be also used in the Static text by putting their name in the double square brackets. The Custom fields dynamic values can be used with cf_"custom field name".


Once the issue is created the values in the brackets will be replaced with the proper values from the active ticket.

NOTE: ❗ If there are changes applied to the Project and Issue fields on the Jira application side, the pre-set Forms may not work as expected. The best practice is to verify your Forms settings after each change or create a new one. ❗

Once you choose the expected values for each field, click Save to save the form. All listed form connections can be edited at any time by clicking edit pen icon. They can be also permamently removed with the trash bin button.