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Jira - Creating Jira issues

If no Forms have been set the application will notify the users.

Jira section with no set forms

Once the connected Forms are set you can start creating Jira issues wihtout a need to open the attidional browser tabs. Choose the pre-set form you would like to use from the list.

If there has been already a Jira issue created using the integration with the active HelpDesk ticket, its name and link are displayed below the list of available forms.

To open the pre-set form, click Send to Jira button.

Choose form Jira

The HelpDesk values set in the Forms section will automatically populate the form with data from the active ticket. Fields with no pre-set value will remain empty so you could fill them out if needed.

The integration supported with the AI model allows to genrate the AI Summary. The summary will be automatically pasted in the pre-set field (connected at the Forms section).

AI Summary

Once all the required fields are filled out you can click the Send button to proceed with the issue creation in your Jira project.