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Translator - when you need more control


The Translate section provides a classic online translator widget, but powered by an AI language model. Agents can enter the text they want to translate, and when they stop typing, the process takes place automatically. After translating the source text, the agent can send the message by pressing the Send translated message button.

By default, the agent's original message marked as private will be displayed in the message section , and a message will be sent to the customer in his/her language.

There are also two switches available so that the agent can send the translated message as private and decide whether he wants to see the original message before translation.

logs filters

One of the functions implemented in our translator is the Analyze the last message from the client option, thanks to which you can use the translator even if the translator is disabled in the settings!.

transcript icon

The next option is View transcript, which allows you to check the transcript of all messages in an open chat in your selected target language, without having to switch between tabs!

transcript modal

This option works similarly to translate transcript in Current Ticket tab.

You can set the translation language manually by selecting one of the options from the drop-down menus. The source language can also be set to Auto-detect to automatically recognize the input language and translate it. By pressing the Swap button you can quickly swap languages from source to target and vice versa. You also have the option of quick clearing by using the Clear button.