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Introduction to Twilio Messaging for LiveChat

Let's discuss how we can help you connect your business phone number to LiveChat and make life easier for you, your co-workers and employees.

Companies require omnichannel communication with their customers and prospects. Therefore we are happy to introduce our dedicated integration allowing you to connect your SMS channel (phone number) with your LiveChat. Incoming messages start new chats and initiate flawless communication with Agents. Chat was closed or archived? No worries! Agents can start chats with chosen numbers anytime.

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List of features:

  • GDPR Compliance
  • Use your company business number or generate a dedicated one to communicate with customers
  • Initiate chats with your customers' phone numbers directly in your LiveChat application
  • Connect certain numbers with chosen LiveChat groups to provide dedicated agents support
  • Integrate with external systems via a webhook
  • Send Translated Copy to your customers
  • Detailed logs with message delivery details. For WhatsApp Business messages - "message read" status is also displayed.
  • MMS Support
  • Contact Management and Notes
  • WhatsApp Business Support with File Sharing
  • Big variety of local and international numbers

We would love to hear out your feature requests!

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