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Settings - Configuration

SMS and Group Mapping

Once the authorization is completed, you can connect the required phone number to your LiveChat.

Choose account

If there is an application installed in your LiveChat that automatically translates the chats, you can set in what form the messages sent out by agents will be delivered to the customers.

Choose account

The SMS sent from your agents to the customers' phone numbers may contain only the translated text, only the original message, or both.

You can easily connect any phone number to any group. Simply click + Add Group Mapping and choose which group should receive the chats from which number.

Choose account

Once the configuration is done, please, click Save to apply the changes. That's it! The incoming SMS messages from your customers will now appear as chats in your LiveChat application.


  1. Add your registered WhatsApp Business number in the integration Settings:

Whatsapp Settings

  1. Copy The Incoming Message Webhook and Status Webhook to your Twilio WhatsApp Sender Configuration. If you have not configured your Twilio Business Number yet, please follow this tutorial for self-signup:

  1. You can now send and receive messages via WhatsApp!