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The integration has two components. One of them can be found in the Chat Details Section, while the other component - used primarily for configuration and only accessible by LiveChat license owners and viceowners.

The configuration section allows you to:

  • Add new accounts
  • Manage Access to These Accounts
  • Configure Objects on these accounts

Mapping Objects

Select the Map Objects icon on the Account Tile that you wish to configure and click Add New Object option.

Field mapping

You will be redirected to the Object Mapping screen, where you can select the desired object from the Dropdown (all dropdowns are searchable).

  • All required fields will be preloaded automatically, use the Add Optional Fields to add additional fields from Salesforce.
  • Integration will scan 100 of the latest chats from your archives and extract available Custom Variables and PreChat/PostChat fields. If you have just added new fields to your LiveChat, make sure you have at least one chat in your archives for the integration to pick up.
  • Static Entry Type supports multiple SalesForce field types, like pick-lists, dates and booleans. It will always map the same value to the SalesForce field - the one that you pick in the configuration. If the static value is selected for a reference object - you will be asked to find and select that object using the reference lookup widget.
  • Dynamic Entry Type - here you can select the value from the LiveChat Chat Object for auto-mapping
  • Auto-Match Entry Type - it is only available for the reference objects. It allows you to automatically find Salesforce object based on a specific field. For instance: you would like to set ownerID to the agent present in the chat, you can select the Auto-Match feature, and map User -> Email to Agent Email value in LiveChat.
  • Searchable Option - it would usually be selected for Email or Phone Number, however you can also pick any other unique field. This will be used to find objects related to the specific visitor during the chat.
  • Enable Automation - If selected, it will automatically try to create the Object after the chat has ended.