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Salesforce for LiveChat Integration

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AI Chat Analysis / Extraction is now Available !!

Generate summaries, perform sentiment analysis or extract any parameters available in the chat content with our new AI Extraction Feature.

Let's discuss how we can help you automate your business processes and make life easier for you, your co-workers and employees.

Thank you for being interested in our product. We know that every company has vastly different needs and uses Salesforce differently. Therefore we have done our best to make this integration as versatile as possible. You have the ability to configure any SalesForce object and populate it with any value available at LiveChat. You can also freely automate object creation and access detailed logs.

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Feature Comparison:

FeatureSalesforce FreeSalesforce for LiveChat
AI Extraction
Chat Transcripts
Multiple SF Accounts
ObjectsLeads, ContactsAll
Multi-Chat Tab System
Custom Objects
FieldsPre-definedAll (Including Custom)
Automatic Field Population
Object Referencing
Email Notifications
Custom Variables
URL Parameters
Access Management
Sandbox Support
PriceFree$5.99/Agent (Free Sandbox Version)

Full List of features:

  • HIPAA and GDPR Support
  • All SalesForce object and fields supported
  • Automatic field prepopulation
  • Advanced Object Referencing including auto-matching of parent objects
  • Multiple SalesForce accounts supported (including Sandbox)
  • Access Management (limit access to specific LiveChat agents)
  • Support for all LiveChat data fields, including Custom Variables, Pre-Chat and Post-Chat Questions and Visitor Metadata
  • Automatically Create Objects on Chat Ended

We would love to hear out your feature requests!

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